Cutting through the noise on what really creates safety in America

The American Punishment System is Destroying Trust in Government

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Safer Neighborhoods Start With Trees

Simple neighborhood designs can do more for public safety

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"Collateral Consequences" of the Criminal Legal System: An Overview

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How Probation and Parole Drive Mass Incarceration

We must confront the fact that we cannot empty our prisons and jails without addressing the influx of people pushed through community supervision into incarceration.

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Housing is a Crucial Safety Intervention

In addition to promoting programs that help people secure housing, we must deliberately shrink the criminal legal system in order to expand housing access.

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Arrests are Driving Housing Loss

The first step to reducing homelessness might be reducing arrests.

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What Really Lowers Crime

It turns out income, housing, and access to care are key in creating public safety.

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What is the impact?

Learn more about the impact of Partners for Justice in communities across the country.

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