Cutting through the noise on what really creates safety in America

Transportation Access and the Criminal Legal System

Some of the most achievable ways to disentangle people from the criminal system are hidden in plain sight, in the fight for access to transit.

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Arrests are Driving Housing Loss

Being unhoused and getting arrested go together: each one makes the other more likely. A person who has been arrested is more likely to be at risk of losing their housing, and once a person has been incarcerated, the risk of being unhoused skyrockets. 

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"Collateral Consequences" of the Criminal Legal System: An Overview

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Public Benefits Access and the Criminal System

Access to public benefits may be an under-appreciated public safety mechanism. When people are able to pay their rent, support their families, not go hungry, have a roof over their heads, and have access to healthcare, they are less likely to engage in crime.

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What is the impact?

Learn more about the impact of Partners for Justice in communities across the country.

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