Cutting through the noise on what really creates safety in America

What Really Lowers Crime

It turns out income, housing, and access to care stand a much better chance of creating public safety than policing or incarceration ever will.

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Access to Education Creates Safety

Interacting with the police, being arrested, or spending time behind bars make it more difficult for a person to get a quality education and access to opportunity. If we care about improving opportunity—and public safety—through education, we must consider shrinking the criminal legal system itself.

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Strong Social Ties Increase Safety

It turns out relationships are everything.

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Generational Harm

Children and families are the "hidden victims" of the legal system.

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Impact of the Carceral System on Economic Stability and Mobility

The criminal legal system is keeping people poor.

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What is the impact?

Learn more about the impact of Partners for Justice in communities across the country.

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