Cutting through the noise on what really creates safety in America

The American Punishment System is Destroying Trust in Government

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Economic Mobility


Cash Bail Is Expensive And Unsafe

Across the US, cities, counties, and some states are re-evaluating the use of cash bail.

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Criminal Court Processes are Punishments Themselves

It is critical that Americans also acknowledge that powerful institutions inflict violence on people presumed innocent under the law every day. As it stands, the system is directly at odds with the idea that Americans are “innocent until proven guilty”, inflicting severe and traumatizing punishment long before a person sees a jury of their peers.

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Transportation Access and the Criminal Legal System

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"Collateral Consequences" of the Criminal Legal System: An Overview

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How Probation and Parole Drive Mass Incarceration

We must confront the fact that we cannot empty our prisons and jails without addressing the influx of people pushed through community supervision into incarceration.

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Debt and Punishment: An American Cycle

Our legal system targets poor people, and then makes it more likely that they will both stay poor and stay in legal trouble.

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Generational Harm

Children and families are the "hidden victims" of the legal system.

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What Really Lowers Crime

It turns out income, housing, and access to care are key in creating public safety.

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Impact of the Carceral System on Economic Stability and Mobility

The criminal legal system is keeping people poor.

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What is the impact?

Learn more about the impact of Partners for Justice in communities across the country.

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