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Partners for Justice is a national organization, but our work is hyper-local.


Local offices, national impact

Though we operate in jurisdictions around the nation, our capacity-building support is tailored to local communities and PFJ Advocates are deeply integrated into local public defender offices.

This gives us a different kind of relationship with our partner public defenders than many national programs. We collaborate closely with defenders to ensure our partnership is successful and that it meets the office’s goals for expanded client service.

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New to the job but already making an impact

Eliana and Ben came to Yolo county to do the hard work of fighting for people ensnared in our criminal system. They've only been on the job for a few weeks so far, but are already making tremendous differences for the people they serve. Copied here are some emails we got about their work (anonymized for client privacy).

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If you are a public defender or defense agency interested in doing more for your clients, and ready to commit to fighting for resources to offer clients wraparound support long-term, please reach out to us here.

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