A tax-deductible donation to Partners for Justice supports community members facing criminal charges and provides a young person with an opportunity to serve. Every donation goes directly to hire, train, and support Advocates in the field and allows PFJ to offer support to more clients and employ more Advocates every year.

Every day, people facing legal problems encounter challenges which can rapidly escalate to become life-altering problems. These challenges are more safely, easily, and efficiently resolved through early intervention. Our goal is to have 320 Advocates in place by 2025, impacting about 10% of low-income people jailed annually. Help us reach this goal through your donations.


Days in jail

Our pilot class of 10 Advocates have helped an estimated 325 people eliminate or reduce their jail sentences by 39,172 days

–3.6 million

Taxpayer dollars

This decrease in jail time saves approximately $3.6 million in taxpayer dollars.