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Sent: Friday, October 1, 2021 10:41 AM
Subject: Holistic defense in action

I want to highlight one example of how wonderful it is to have the Partners For Justice fellows at our office. A few days ago, our client was released from prison early, over the objection of the D.A., thanks to [the attorney's] incredible advocacy on his behalf, saving him some seven years of incarceration.

...he and his [family member] visited our office and were assisted by PFJ fellow Eliana Swerdlow, who took the time to ensure his Medi-Cal was active, helped him apply for CalFresh and registering to vote, and started the process of helping him apply for an ID and other essential documents and services, along with some sorely needed tips on how to use a smartphone. She will continue to do what she can to support his reentry as a returning citizen. He and his [family member] were extremely thankful and commented that the last time he got out of prison there was nothing like this type of help. Thank you Eliana and Ben, our PFJ Fellows, for helping us be better!  

Sent: Monday, October 4, 2021 2:17 PM
Subject: RE: Holistic defense in action

Just as many of you commented that Ben and Eliana have had many other ways they have already contributed to our clients’ lives, I want to celebrate Ben’s advocacy for a very special client today. This gentleman has been in prison for [over a decade], since his arrest [as a young teen]....[after his release,] Ben spent the day accompanying him at parole, enrolling him in benefits and services, and starting the many processes that will be necessary to cross the significant reentry barriers he faces – especially having spent his entire adolescent and adult life incarcerated, and because he does not enjoy the family support that some others have. This young man said the last two days were the best he has had in twelve years and we hope he has many more to come. I feel even better about his prospects for success knowing that Ben is here to help him.

Thank you BEN!!!!!!

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