Downey, California

Aminadi Añorve

Born to immigrants and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Aminadi Añorve enjoys drinking matcha lattes, swimming in open water, and community gathering. Aminadi Añorve is a first generation student-athlete graduate from Marist College with a degree in behavioral and social sciences. She focused on criminal justice, psychology, and legal studies as an undergraduate on the Women’s Water Polo team. Aminadi started her social justice service with local community organizations in her hometown, Unite a Nation and the Social Justice Learning Institute. Post-grad, Aminadi worked with Amity Foundation, a residential therapeutic community that partners with the State of California in their Men’s Reentry Community Population (MCRP) program for incarcerated people. Her passion to advocate for disenfranchised communities and system-impacted groups comes from her experience working with her own community members and building interpersonal relationships.

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