San Fernando, California

Merrill Steeg

Merrill Steeg was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and recently relocated to Los Angeles. She previously lived in California while attending California College of the Arts in the Bay Area, where she obtained an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature. She went on to receive a Master's Degree in History from The University of New Orleans. Merrill’s graduate thesis studied the immense cultural, political, and procedural changes initiated by the infamous Manson crimes. Merrill forged many relationships while researching and writing her thesis; among them, former Manson family member Bruce Davis, who’s been incarcerated since 1972. Before relocating to Los Angeles, Merrill was an investigative intern for the Orleans Public Defender’s Office, where she routinely participated in field investigations and interacted extensively with clients. Merrill has an eight-year-old black lab named Luna, who, like her, enjoys being outdoors. Together, Merrill and Luna have been exploring Los Angeles’s canyons and hillsides. Merrill also enjoys reading, seeing live music, movies, and all things vintage.

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