Key facts + stats

We envision a world where the legal system reflects the humanity, complexity, and potential of those who experience it and its outcomes ensure the opportunity to move forward with one's future intact.


Years of incarceration

Our team has saved clients an estimated 5,000 years of  incarceration, compared to maximum exposure, yielding tens of millions of dollars in potential taxpayer savings. Every dollar spent on an Advocate creates $3-$6 in potential savings for local governments via reduced incarceration.



Partners for Justice is supporting over 7,000 people annually in connecting with social services, telling their stories, and coming home well.

$15 million +

DOLLARS for defenders

In addition to potentially saving governments tens of millions of dollars through reduced incarceration, PFJ has helped route over $10 million in government funding to public defenders. In 2023 we are seeing a return of $2.72 in government allocations for every dollar of philanthropic funding we receive.

24 locations

in 2023

PFJ started in 2 cities in 2018 and will be operating in almost 20 states by the end of 2024.

3+ services


PFJ works with people deeply: on average clients get 3+ services a piece, ranging across housing, employment, medical and mental health treatment, benefits access, educational advocacy, and family unity. Some get as many as 12 services.

70% of the time


PFJ has robust success, achieving service goals (connections to housing, benefits access, etc) about 70% of the time.

95% of defenders

feel more confident

95% of defenders surveyed by PFJ feel better able to assist clients with non-criminal matters, changing how defenders practice.

77% of defenders

have had a case dropped, dismissed, resolved

77% of public defenders have had a case dropped, dismissed or resolved without conviction due to Advocate work.