Make a Meaningful Impact as a PFJ Advocate

We are currently hiring for Advocates to join our team in Harris County, Texas (Houston)! Applications are due by June 28, 2019. Click here to learn more about the process.

Low-income families are faced with enough challenges without the additional burdens that can result from contact with the justice system or other bureaucracies.  PFJ Advocates make a direct impact for clients by providing "pre-legal" assistance to help fight eviction, maintain employment and licenses, retrieve seized property, get access to health insurance and food stamps, and more.  If a client needs legal representation, you will have the ability to connect them to our network of pro bono counsel and work collaboratively with the client's legal team to achieve their goals.

download our advocate job description here.

Photo: Jopwell Collection

Photo: Jopwell Collection

the advocate experience

Learn what it's like to be an Advocate, including the services you'll provide, training and support, and the salary and other benefits you receive.

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how to apply

The process of becoming a PFJ Advocate starts with an application and is followed by an in-person interview.  Plus, find out where to meet the PFJ team in person!

Photo: Jopwell Collection

Photo: Jopwell Collection


Have questions about PFJ, what our Advocates do, or the application process?  Some of our most frequently asked questions are here.