The Partners for Justice Program

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Who ARE PFJ Advocates?

PFJ Advocates are:

  • Recent college graduates

  • Committed to public service

  • Creative problem-solvers

  • Hardworking, tenacious fighters

  • People who want to fix broken systems and help communities in need

Advocates work one-on-one with their clients to solve problems creatively and flexibly, reaching out to our network when a solution isn't forthcoming.  During their service, Advocates may:

  • Help keep families housed

  • Save jobs and support people who are trying to overcome past challenges and find work

  • Retrieve vital property from seizure

  • Get their clients access to essential health care

  • Seek alternatives to incarceration and help clients stay out of jail

  • Build partnerships across the legal system in the jurisdictions where they work

  • Empower parents to keep children at home

  • Support students working toward graduation

  • Have a deeply meaningful public service experience

  • Create a real difference in the lives of their clients.