The Partners for Justice Program

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Who ARE PFJ Advocates?

PFJ Advocates are recent college graduates who commit to spending a two-year term in a public defenders' office in a low-income community.  Advocates serve clients including individuals already interacting with the justice system, individuals returning home from incarceration, and any low-income community member in need.

Advocates participate in an intensive training program where they learn about the work they will do and the communities they will join.  They are supervised by attorneys in their host office while partnering with a network of pro bono civil attorneys and community organizations to ensure clients receive the holistic support they need.  Advocates also receive regular mentorship and support from PFJ's national team.

Advocates work one-on-one with their clients to solve problems creatively and flexibly, reaching out to our network when a solution isn't forthcoming.  During their service, Advocates may help keep families housed, save jobs, retrieve vital property from seizure, help clients access essential health care, and fight against detentions or deportations.  They will have also had a deeply meaningful public service experience and created a real difference in the lives of their clients.